Games like Dungeons & Dragons are all about immersion. We want to enable players to roleplay and make decisions more realistically, and to allow DMs to tell richer stories filled with mystery and intrigue. Not everyone needs to know what that secret inscription on the wall says, and not everyone needs to know that there’s a dragon in the next room. Due to the nature of in-person, paper based D&D, DMs often have to ask questions that give players more information than they should know. We love it when players are kept guessing, doubting, and truly fearing for their character’s life. We want to allow everyone to experience D&D that way.
Adventurer’s Codex provides the following Collaborative features for DMs and Players:

Party - Player & DM

Creating and joining a Party is the first step in connecting with your fellow adventurers. To create or join a Party, simply click on Manage Party. Once there, you can create a Party. Party names are randomly generated fantasy phrases, so you could get some fun names like the shabby-ghoul, excellent-ghost, royal-werepanther. Once you have your Party name, share it with your friends so that they can join in on the fun.

If your character or campaign has only one Party and you are logged in, you will be automatically connected to that Party.

Party Dashboard - DM

Party helps DMs stay informed of what is happening. DMs will be able to see critical information about their players, which will enable DMs to adapt their story and keep players engaged.

The folowing fields are tracked and updated live for the DM:

  • Character Name
  • Player Name
  • Level
  • Race
  • Class
  • Hit Points
  • Spell Slots
  • Tracked Abilities
  • Armor Class
  • Hit Dice
  • Spell Save DC
  • Experience
  • Passive Perception
  • Passive Intelligence
  • Gold
  • Party Status Line - DM

    Once a DM has players connected to their party, the DM will be able to see the overall status of the party. This status line is similar to the one that players have for their characters, but this status line represents the average of all the player's statuses.

    Chat - Player & DM

    Chat with one or more players to scheme against others! We have solved the issue of a DM having to ask leading questions to players, like "How much health do you have left?". Also, players can now form secret alliances within their party by chatting to each other.

    Creating Chats

    To create a chat, click the "+". Once there, you can invite one or many players to a brand new chat.

    Missed Messages

    Adventurer’s Codex will alert you if you receive a message when you're not in the Chat tab. Also, if you receive messages in a seperate chat than the one you're in, a badge will appear on that chat with the number of missed messages.

    Save to Notes - Player

    As a Player, you get a lot of tid bits of information from your DM, and it gets difficult to remember everything. For this exact reason, we have allowed Players to save any chat message to their Notes with a single click.

    Push Images and Text to Party - DM

    DMs can push images and text to the Party chat for players to save. Saved images will have their own Note created in the Notes tab, while pushed text will be appended to previously saved chat notes.

    The following can be pushed to the chat:

    • Campaign Maps & Images
    • Encounter Maps & Images
    • Encounter Environment
    • Encounter Read-aloud Text
    Clicking on the image will display it in full screen.

    Combat Tracker - Coming Soon

    No more index cards with an abundant amount of pencil eraser smudges! DMs will be able to add monsters and NPCs to combat, and players will be able to track their turns more easily.