Being a DM isn't easy. We know that DMs spend hours upon hours tweaking their stories for the right effect, but organizing all these thoughts and ideas becomes quite difficult after a while. At Adventurer’s Codex, we don’t want to simply provide you with a digital notepad. We want to enhance your stories and make them easier to tell to your players.

We believe that there's a new way to play and experience D&D that has never been possible before. Players play to be a part of a story, an adventure all their own. DMs create and tell the story of the grand world in which the players can adventure. Adventurer's Codex allows everyone at the table to unlock their full potential and experience the next step in tabletop RPGs. Adventurer’s Codex provides a comprehensive, and evolving, toolset for DMs:


The Overview is a convenient way to track the many details of your campaign’s new and exciting world. There’s a lot of important details about your story/world that you’ll need to write down, and this is the place. Here is where you’ll also see how long your campaign has been running as a nice reminder of all the good times you’ve had.

Encounter Builder

Encounters allow DMs to plan out, well, encounters that their players will come across or stumble into during the campaign. These encounters have several parts depending on what you as a DM want to throw at the players.


  • Weather and Terrain: Is it cold enough to be hurtful, a cool summer day, or a dry and arid heat?
  • Link to an image to help you and your players visualize the terrain, and keep notes on the effects of the weather or terrain.
  • Clicking on the image will display it in full screen.

    Maps and Images

  • Perfect to track an image of a room in an ominous dungeon or a shop in a quaint village.
  • Clicking on the image will display it in full screen.

    Points of Interest

  • Keep track of all the small places in your world that are worth noting: Mystic runes, a strange altar, or even a common road sign.

  • Non-Player Characters

  • Jot down details of the various NPCs in an encounter. That Half-Elf shopkeeper has a secret to hide, and you don’t want to forget it.

  • Monsters

  • Feel like putting your players through the wringer? Add some monsters, and track their abilities.
  • All monsters available in the SRD are available to be auto-completed here!

  • Read-Aloud Text (Boxed text)

  • Often times you’ll have an important monologue, or bit of narrative to set the tone of your campaign.

  • Treasure

  • Everyone loves loot! This section allows you to track all types of treasures, and SRD items will even auto-complete for you!

  • Notes

  • For everything else, there’s always Markdown powered Notes!
  • We have many more Encounter Sections planned to help you increase your player’s immersion in your campaign. Contact us on how we can help improve Encounters and how we can help you tell a better story.

    DM Screen

    Ever needed to know how much distance a group will cover while moving fast? Turns out, it's 400 feet per minute. The DM Screen contains tons of helpful information for you to reference.
    Did we miss something? Let us know!


    Now, just like players, DMs can now add notes. This tab is best used to keep track of campaign notes. You can add as many pages of notes as you'd like, and all notes have Markdown support.


    Adventurer's Codex provides a lot of slick features, like all the ones mentioned above, but there are so many more not-so-obvious features.

    Push images and text to Party

    It is now possible to share maps, images, read aloud text, and environments with the party. Visit Party Tools for more info.


    Move between tabs as quick as the wind itself using our Hotkeys. Press the number keys from 1-6 to change sections.

    1. Overview
    2. Encounters
    3. Screen
    4. Notes
    5. Party
    6. Chat
    Full Screen Images

    Almost anything with an image will have the option to be displayed in a full screen window. This will increase the size of the image to fit your screen. If the image is small, it won't be stretched out and will appear small. To prevent this, make sure to find images with larger resolutions.