The following is a list of common bugs that have been reported in Adventurer's Codex. If you've found an issue not on this list, please contact

Issue Status Description
Character/DM Profile Pictures don't update in the chat. Known Workaround After a player changes their profile picture their avatar in the chat does not update to show the new picture automatically.
Workaround: Leaving and rejoining the Party or Private Chat Room will cause images to refresh. In some cases clicking on the left-hand side chat list will also cause images to refresh.
Exporting DM/Character on an iPad Known Workaround When attempting to export your DM/Character from an iPad, you'll not get a file download, instead you'll see a page full of seemingly random characters.
Workaround: You can copy and paste the contents of this screen into a text-file and save it with the extension .json and it will function as an importable character or game.
Adding deeply nested Encounters causes list to not display all encounters correctly Known Workaround In some cases, encounters which are created deep inside other encounters might not show up immediately after creating. They are there, but the list doesn't update to show them.
Workaround: Refreshing the page after creating the nested encounter will show the list correctly.
Proficiency bonus is added to Attack regardless of Weapon Proficiency Investigating Solutions Weapons get Proficiency bonus added to Attack modifier regardless of the character's proficiency in them.
Excessive Notifications during group play Known Workaround In some cases during longer games using the party tools, the notification for "New Image On Exhibit" will be fired excessively and seemingly randomly.
Workaround: Having all players leave and rejoin the party has been known to solve this issue in most cases.
Repeated, Spammy Notifications Investigating Solutions In some cases mobile devices will see repeated notifications for internet connectivity problems when no issue exists..
Character experience and level not exporting Known Workaround In some cases when a character updates their experience and/or level and the user attempts to Export the character, the values in the exported file are not updated.
Workaround: After updating the character's experience and/or level, refresh the page, then try to export the character. The character export file should have the most up to date code.
Death Saves not saving Known Workaround On new characters, when the character's health goes down to 0 and one death save success or failure is selected, the death saves no longer save on refresh.
Workaround: When a character's health is 0 and the death saves are visible, select a death save failure and success, and refresh the page. The issue should be resolved on that character.