Feature Spotlight 3: Weapons, Armor, Magic Items, Inventory, and More!

All of us here at Adventurer’s Codex love playing D&D, but we don’t love tracking all the various attributes and bonuses that go with armors and weapons. It is such a hassle to add a new piece of equipment to a physical character sheet. Adventurer’s Codex does away with the struggle of managing where bonuses go and by doing some helpful calculations. It also efficiently stores all your weapon and armor data in an easy to maneuver, friendly interface. Not only does Adventurer’s Codex manage your weapons and armor, but we’ve built in custom support to organize the magical items you find in your travels. For everything else that doesn’t fit in either of those categories, there’s the inventory. Follow us as we dig deeper into these custom time-saving solutions!

Weapons and Armor

Looking up a formula during combat breaks the tempo and excitement of battle, so Adventurer’s Codex takes that pain and stress away. Adventurer’s Codex automatically calculates your weapon’s To Hit bonus based on its properties and Magical Bonuses!


To Hit for finesse weapon:
  Ability Score Modifier + Proficiency Bonus + Magical Modifier
  _Ability Score Modifier is the highest of your Strength or Dexterity modifier._

To Hit for other melee weapons:
  Strength Modifier + Proficiency Bonus + Magical Modifier

To Hit for ranged weapons:
  Dexterity Modifier + Proficiency Bonus + Magical Modifier

When it comes to armor, Adventurer’s Codex does not, yet, perform any fancy calculations for your Armor Class. For now, Adventurer’s Codex provides a sleek, efficient way to manage and display all of your armor’s attributes.


Inventory and Magic Items

Writing on a physical piece of paper can sometimes be a hassle, especially when you have to add and remove items constantly. Eventually, the paper becomes so thin from all the erasing that you’re afraid to even write on a certain section of paper lest you write or erase so hard the paper tears. There must be a solution for this necessary evil! Of course, Adventurer’s Codex has the solution!

Adventurer’s Codex provides a section to enter all of your inventory item’s information in an orderly fashion. Adventurer’s Codex will also allow you to sort your items based on name, quantity, or weight. Adding items is as easy as clicking the “+” button, and removing items is as easy as clicking the trash can button. That’s it!


You and your team just finished slaying a mighty, fire-breathing dragon, and you have all been rewarded with some fresh loot. More than likely, there will be some magical trinkets. Magical Items ranging from rings that hold the temperature of any item you’re holding constant or a wand that casts the spell Fireball up to four times. Obviously, one of these items is more useful than the other, but they are both just as magical. They don’t belong in Armor, Weapons, or Inventory, so where should the go?

Adventurer’s Codex has resolved this conundrum by creating an area especially for this purpose. You can store all your magical trinkets that have minor abilities and all your magical items that have special properties, such as attunement and charges. If that was not enough, Adventurer’s Codex offers all the same functionality of the previous features; it even displays the total weight of all your magical items!

magic items

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