It’s that time again, Adventurers. We’ve got another update fresh off the… keyboard, I guess. Anyway, with this release, you can now share your character sheet with other users including your DM, or other players!

Shareable Sheets

To recap, as many of you no doubt know, before we launched Cloud Syncing, you could export your character or campaign to a file for offline storage. The feature was really popular, and aside from backing up their data, most people used it to share their character sheets with their DM between and during game sessions. While sharing your character sheet with your DM is something we want to support, exporting your character to do it just isn’t an elegant solution.

That’s why we’re announcing sharable character sheets (with shareable campaigns coming soon). Simply click on the new Share button at the top of the screen and create a link! You can even create different share links to the same sheet (in case you need to temporarily share your sheet with different people).

Keep A Weather Eye Out

We’ve got a lot more coming for Adventurer’s Codex this year. If you want to know more about our plans, check out our roadmap blog post!

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

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If you want to contribute, and make Adventurer’s Codex even better, as always, drop by our Github page and checkout the project. We’re always looking for great new ideas, and if you find any bugs, file an issue!