Greetings Adventurers! We’re back again with another suite of improvements to Adventurer’s Codex. Before we begin however, we do want to take the time to call out all of our amazing Patrons on Patreon. Thank you so much for your support.

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We have been bolstered by your continued (and growing) support for all we do, and your support has helped us get over the hump on several features that are now coming very soon. If you’d like a sneak peek of these soon-to-launch features, please consider becoming a Patron yourself.

Alright, now onto the updates!

Companion Health Improvements

A screenshot depicting the enhancement to the Companion Health Widget

For starters we’ve improved the health management for Character Companions by allowing bulk addition & subtraction of health directly from the preview table!

We know as well as you all how painful it has been to record that a companion just too massive damage—heaven forbid of course—but now such things are much easier to do.

Item Containers

A screenshot depicting the new item containers.

This one is pretty big! Adventurer’s Codex now supports adding containers to your character inventory. These containers are incredibly flexible and include the ability to set a fixed weight, and even mark items as not currently carried. This means that finally characters can track all of the items they own not just the ones on their person. Got a wagon? No problem! Got a Bag of Holding? We got you covered!

This one is a long time coming and something we’ve wanted forever. Our thanks to our continuing contributor and friend Dave Mote for his work on this feature!

Quick Earn Coinage

A screenshot depicting the new quick spend feature.

Last but not least we’ve added the ability to Quick Earn coinage to your coin pouch easily, so there’s no more pesky math to do when divvying up treasure.

Again thanks to Dave on this one! It’s been hotly requested in our group and we hope you enjoy it.

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