Greetings Adventurers! It’s time for yet more updates to Adventurer’s Codex. This time we’re excited to announce the return of the Party Chat! Back in the day Adventurer’s Codex had a chat, and we admit that it never worked quite right. This time though the chat is built on our much more robust and powerful collaboration backend, which means it’s far more reliable and performant! Let’s dive in and see what this new chat has to offer!

The (New) Party Chat

The Party Chat

The new Party Chat is available to both players and DMs once you join a party. The chat flys over the top of the app and is easily visible while you’re doing other things during the game.

As expected, the chat will automatically detect links and images in messages and even display a thumbnail of images if possible.

As of now the chat is “party-wide” meaning that one-to-one messages and sub-groups are not supported. Regardless, we think this new group chat is already very useful on its own!

Links ending with most image file extensions (jpg, png, etc) will automatically preview in the chat, and you can hide the chat at any time by hitting the escape key!

We hope you like this new, revamped party chat feature and if you do please let us know!

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