Greetings Adventurers! We know we say this a lot, but we’re back for another exciting update! This feature has been something we’ve wanted for a very long time (since 2016) and so it’s almost surreal to see it finally launch!

We’re talking of course about our new Initiative Tracker!

Tracking Initiative

The Initiative Tracker

As of this update, DMs now have a new tab called the Initiative Tracker. The tab is automatically populated with players in the same Party and the form at the bottom allows for quick additions to the initiative order.

Any connected players will have their name, image, and relevant bonuses automatically added to the initiative order, along with a random dice roll which can be overriden if needed. From there the DM can call for initiative and enter the rolls, or randomly roll using the Roll for Initiative button at the top of the list. Once the order is set, it’s time to start the initiative!

Moving Through the Turn Order

Once the initiative is begun, DMs can move through combat either using the next & previous turn buttons or by using the j/k keys on their keyboard. The Initiative Tracker automatically tracks the the current turn, the total rounds, and the total elapsed time. If new enemies appear or additional players join the fray they can be easily added using the add form at any time.

Turn Reminders

Player Up Next

Players, for their part, will notice a new badge on their profile when it’s either their turn or when they’re next. This will hopefully keep things moving during combat!

Adding Monsters to Combat

Adding Monsters

As a final note, adding enemies via the tracker directly is useful for spontaneous encounters, but we know our DMs like to plan in advance. So we’ve added the ability for any group of monsters in an Encounter to be automatically added to the initiative with one click!

Simply open an Encounter, select the monsters, and click “Add to Initiative”. It’s that simple!

Embracing Simplicity

Being a DM is hard work and it’s our goal to make DM-ing easier. The Initiative Tracker allows DMs to quickly and effectively move through combat without having to manage the turn order or worry about data entry.

There’s so much potential for this feature and we look forward to improving it over time. We’d love it if you tried out the Initiative Tracker for yourself and let us know what you think.

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