Greetings Adventurers! It’s that time again! Let’s talk about a suite of new changes to Adventurer’s Codex. We’ve got a new little basket of stuff this time (and lots more coming soon)!

Levelling Up the Wizard

A depiction of the new Character Creation Screen.

The biggest change in this new release is the complete rewrite of our Character & Campaign Creation Wizard. We’ve dramatically simplified the Character Creation process and even added a new stat-rolling mechanism.

Adventurer’s Codex can now populate your new character’s stats by rolling 4d6 and drop the lowest value for each stat. We even give you a printout of the values rolled and which was dropped.

The Wizard works great on mobile devices too! We hope this new Character & Campaign creation process helps users get started on Adventurer’s Codex faster and easier than ever.

This new character creation process does everything the old one did and more! And it even includes a new feature which we will discuss in the next section.

Need Names?

A depiction of the NPC encounter section with the new random name generator button.

DMs and Players now have the ability to generate random names for their characters & NPCs! This feature is in part thanks to the wonderful sharing of code by

Struggling to think of a good name? Fret no longer.

Need Weather?

A depiction of the environment encounter section with the new random weather button.

DMs now have a new button in their Encounter Environment section that can generate random weather for a given encounter. Need some weather? We got you.

Bug Fixes!

Along with this release is a bug fix that improves the experience of browsing encounters for DMs on mobile devices. Selecting the disclosure indicator on an encounter to disclose its children no longer takes you into the encounter. This was an annoying bug and those responsible have been sacked.

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