Greetings Adventurers! Let’s get to it! We’ve got some improvements to the DM tools that we’re excited to share as well as a few important bug fixes.

Import Dungeons Directly from

Import a dungeon directly from Donjon!

This is the big one! DMs can now import dungeons directly from the Donjon Dungeon Generator! This makes it really easy to get started with a Donjon dungeon or build one into an existing campaign.

As a DM, I’ve used Donjon a ton over the years. It’s a great resource. But I rarely spend the time to do all the data entry required to get my random dungeons into Adventurer’s Codex because it’s just so tedious. Well now it’s 1 step!

To import a dungeon, simply generate it on the Donjon site and export it as JSON. Then head over to the Encounters tab in your campaign and click Import! Easy! You can also optionally include the Dungeon Map image (which you can export from Donjon as well) and that image will be included across each of the rooms of your dungeon!

We’ve elected to make this feature available exclusively to Patrons of Adventurer’s Codex. That said, all patrons will get access to this feature (regardless of support tier), so make sure to Support us on Patreon if you want access to this great new feature!

Character Creation Wizard - Class Features

Let’s not bury the lede here: the Character Creation Wizard now automatically pre-populates Class Features!

If you are playing a standard SRD class (e.g. Bard, Sorcerer, Fighter, etc) then your class features will be automatically populated during character creation!

This will make it a lot easier to get up an running with a new character and save on a bunch of tedious data entry.

Initiative Tracker Rolls

This release includes a new feature that will help DMs more easily enter the initiative during combat. Currently the Initiative Tracker automatically populates the player’s initiative bonus, which makes it easy for DMs to add the player’s dice roll and get the combat going, but often times players prefer to do the math themselves and give the DM their total initiative score rather than just the dice roll.

Now with this release DMs can toggle between either including or excluding the automatic bonus calculations depending on their preference.

Random Points of Interest

Generate a random Point of Interest

We’ve also added a new button for DMs which will generate random Points of Interest.

As a DM, I’ve often been in a situation where I need something to put in a new room in a dungeon, and it doesn’t really matter what that thing is at first. Often I just need to jumpstart my thinking about the space.

Well our new Point of Interest generator helps with that! We’ve compiled a large set of things that belong in dungeons, towns, etc and made a quick little generator that helps you get started making your encounters. Need some artifact for the players to find? How about a curious aspect of a room? We’ve got you covered!

Bug Fixes & Enhancements

Here’s a list of the notable bug fixes and minor enhancements in this release:

  • There’s been a bug on the DM side of things for a while (sorry about that) that prevented DMs from switching via the top menu. This has been fixed!
  • Fixes an issue where containers with cost denoted in any denomination other than GP would cause an incorrect valuation at the bottom of the inventory. (Thanks to Njol for the fix!)
  • The DM Encounter UI has been tuned up a bit to make things more useful at smaller screen sizes.
  • Fixes an issue where missing Dropbox code and network issues could cause the app to break.

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