Greetings Adventurers! We’ve got another big release for you. This one includes some of the newest tech hotness around (and weather updates)! Without further ado, let’s get to it.

Craft Encounters using AI!

Generate NPCs with the help of Chat GPT

We’ve worked to integrate some of the new AI-hotness into Adventurer’s Codex in order to help our DMs more easily flesh out their encounters! Let’s see how it works.

For any campaign Encounter, DMs will see a new button when creating Points of Interest, Environments, NPCs, and Read-Aloud Text (aka Box Text). Clicking that button will tell Adventurer’s Codex to gather up the information about your encounter, as well as the name of the given section, and generate a brief description for you of that thing.

For example, let’s say you’ve created the following Encounter:

The Forest of Nym
  • Weather: Misty
  • Terrain: Forested
  • Description: A grove settled between the towns of Harul and Tirk's End where druids are rumored to live.
  • Druid Thraskish (Elf)

Assuming you’d like to create a new Point of Interest (The Clearing), simply enter the name (or use the new Random Point of Interest Name Generator!) and click . When you do, we will bundle up the above information and hand it off to ChatGPT which uses it to generate the description!

As you enter the Forest of Nym, the dense canopy above filters the sunlight, casting dappled patterns on the forest floor. The air is thick with the sweet scent of moss and wildflowers, and the sounds of chirping birds and rustling leaves fill your ears. A small clearing lies before you, bathed in sunlight that spills through a gap in the trees. The ground is covered in soft, vibrant green moss, and a babbling brook runs through the clearing, its crystal-clear water glistening in the sunlight. A feeling of tranquility washes over you as you step into this intimate haven of nature. Magical Quirk: Within this small clearing, the magic of the forest is amplified. Any spells or abilities related to nature, such as healing spells or druidic magic, receive a slight boost in effectiveness, allowing them to nurture and restore with greater potency.

Pretty cool, huh? Using this new feature you can easily generate in-depth descriptions for characters, places, and events in your campaign using the context you’ve already entered!

We’re looking to expand this integration in the future, so consider this a trial run for now. Please get in touch if you like the feature or have feedback.

As for how this can be used, we’ve elected to make this feature available to all users, with patrons getting increasingly higher limits. Patrons can connect their accounts on Patreon with Adventurer’s Codex (using the method described here). Once you do that, you are done! You should have complete access (based on your Patreon Tier) to get started with encounter generation.

Patrons can upload a number of uses per month corresponding to their respective Tier on Patreon. We’ve decided to let everyone have a go with the feature to test it out, but if you want to use it regularly you’ll need to become a patron. Remember that the Copper Tier is only $1 per month so it’s pretty cheap to start supporting Adventurer’s Codex and get some access to the newest features like GPT Text Generation (and Image Uploads)!

Tier # of Uses
Free Users 3/month
Copper Tier 25/month
Silver Tier 50/month
Gold Tier 100/month
Platinum Tier 200/month

Favoriting Characters & Campaigns

Favorite Characters and Campaigns

Another big addition to this release is the ability for users to favorite a character or campaign on the main screen! This makes it easy for those of you with a lot of characters and campaigns (you know who you are) to more easily find the ones you need quickly.

More Random Weather

We’ve added a ton of new options for the Random Weather Generator after we noticed that almost all of the original items were quite severe! Now DMs are more likely to find pleasant weather as well in the suggestions.

Bug Fixes for Pathfinder Players

There’s been a bug for a long time in the Skills section that made it really annoying to add multiple custom skills. Normally for players of D&D 5e this isn’t an issue, but now our Pathfinder users have a much easier time creating new characters! Thanks to a user on Reddit for noticing this and letting us know!

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