Greetings Adventurers!

Today we have a special treat for you. In addition to the usual round of bug fixes and tweaks, today we’re announcing the first ever Patron-supported feature for Adventurer’s Codex! We’re very excited to share this with you all, so let’s get started!

Image Uploads

Since the beginning, Adventurer’s Codex has allowed users to add images (via a link) to character profiles, encounters, and more! This solution works great and has allowed Adventurer’s Codex to remain an easy-to-use and low-cost endeavor. However, Adventurer’s Codex now integrates with Patreon! So for those of you who support us there, we’re able to offer exclusive Patrons-only benefits: like Custom Image Uploads!

Let’s see how they work:

Image Uploads at work

Patrons can connect their accounts on Patreon with Adventurer’s Codex (using the method described here). Once you do that, you are done! You should have complete access (based on your Patreon Tier) to upload whatever images you like for Adventurer’s Codex.

Patrons can upload a number of images corresponding to their respective Tier on Patreon. Remember that the Copper Tier is only $1 per month so it’s pretty cheap to start supporting Adventurer’s Codex and get some access to the newest features like Image Uploads!

Tier # of Images
Copper Tier 10 images
Silver Tier 50 images
Gold Tier 200 images

Images uploaded are usable across any of your encounters, campaigns, and characters so you can use them where ever and when ever you need. You can also re-use images or delete them to make space!

We’re super excited to launch this features since it’s something we know the community has been asking for since the beginning and it’s something we’ve wanted as well for years! Now with our Patreon integration we can finally bring this feature to you and help you create even more immersive and creative stories and characters!

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We wouldn’t be here today if not for our fabulous patrons. If you like Adventurer’s Codex, then please consider becoming a sponsor and help us keep this site up and running! We really do appreciate your donations!

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